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Door Sizing

After making thousands of doors and installing hundreds, we want to help you make determining your barn door sizing easy.  Below is helpful information;

For door openings with trim:

If your door has trim, having the door covering it when closed provides a finished look.  Often times if it doesn't, it looks like we measure wrong.  

- Measure outer trim edge across to outer trim edge to determine width, add 1-2".  This is your desired door size width.

- Measure upper trim edge down to floor, add 1-2".  This is your desired door height.

Door openings with no trim:

- Measure across opening, add 2" for non private rooms and add 4" for privacy needed spaced.  This is your desired door width.

- Measure height of opening, add 2".  This is your desired door height. 

Barn Hardware:

- Barn tracks are typically double the width of your desired door size but can vary based on space or purpose.

- Barn hardware provides approximately 1/2" clearance therefore trim or light switches that stick out more than that may require you to use a header.

- Standard barn hardware needs approximately 6" clearance above door opening to accommodate rail and rollers.  This amount can be reduced to about 5" during install by mounting rollers slightly lower than instructions call for.  Questions, please let me know.