Is barn door the same size as opening?

No! Barn doors should be larger than the opening. We recommend your barn door to be 4" wider than opening. This allows door to bypass opening and provide more privacy.

Is a header required?

While headers to make the install easier, a header is not required unless the opening has trim around it. If the opening has trim, generally a 3/4" header is required. This bumps hardware out so door does not hit trim.

Do I have to remove trim around opening?

No, you do not have to however you would need a header. For a nice custom look, we do recommend measuring outer trim across to outer trim edge for door width and upper trim edge down to floor for door height.

Do you offer bypass barn hardware?

Yes, we do. We offer two types of bypass hardware; single track and double track. Both have their pros/cons.

How do I measure for single track bypass hardware?

Due to the design of single track bypass barn hardware, doors bypass in center by a minimum of 6". This amount is above the 4" to ensure doors bypass wall. More questions, please contact us!

Do you accept returns?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of being customized and stained per request we can not accept returns. We recommend always double checking desired door dimensions. If you have questions regarding the best door size to purchase, contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What size do I need?

- Door openings with trim

Measure outer trim edge, across to outer trim edge and add 1".  This is the desired width.  Measure upper trim edge down to floor, add 1", this is the desired height.

- Door openings without trim;

Measure opening width, add 2" and then measure height, add 2".


2.  What size track do I need?

- Generally the track is double the width of your door size.  If you have a 48" door, you normally need an 8' track.  


3.  How much space above opening do I need for barn hardware?

- Standard barn hardware needs about 6"

- Bypass hardware needs about 9"

*** There are installation tips/tricks to reduce space needed above opening.  If you're unsure, please call or email - 208-262-1234


4.  Do I need a header (wood board) behind track?

- Barn hardware provides about 1/2" clearance so anything sticking out from wall more than that, you would need a header.  Normally a 3/4" board is suffice.  I provide matching headers or can give instructions on how to finish your header as well recommend a size needed.  

- Headers can make install easier - studs above openings are not always 16" apart.  Barn tracks are predrilled and holes can be drilled into track where your studs are OR you can use a header.  The header attaches to studs, then install your track on header.


5.  Does hardware need to be connected to studs?

- YES!  Drywall alone will not hold the weight of hardware and a normal size door.  Hardware or header must be screwed into studs.


6.  What is the maintenance of a barn door?

- We hand wax all doors (unless otherwise requested).  Wax is durable and leaves your door not only looking beautifully natural... they feel as pretty as they look.  To clean, wipe with warm water cloth.  Every few years you can add a coat of wax for longevity.  Wipe on, wipe off as unlike poly seal you do not have to take door down to reseal.



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